Parallel Lines

It started with a . . . podcast. A lot of you will already know but for those who don’t, Daftaboutcraft.

Imagine the surprise and euphoria one evening for a less than year old Copper Beech Brewing Company, mere weeks ahead of our first ever product launch, receiving an Instagram message with an invite to be interviewed on a podcast that Dan was already an avid listener of. The interview became an hour long chat, the chat became a friendship and that friendship became our lifeline.

They say that no-one comes into your life by chance and well, we don’t know anything about all that, but what we DO know is that we could not be more grateful for the place these two people - Daftaboutcraft Dave D and his wife Lisa -  have taken in our world. The unwavering support, the readiness to help, the cheerleading and absolute belief in what we’re doing - on top of being two people you just can’t help but want to spend time and talk absolute rubbish for hours on end with.

When Dan got his hands on the rare Superdelic hop he couldn’t imagine a better way to use it - in honour of our very good friends.

We asked them to name the beer and there was lots of conversation about what it should be, but Dave and Lisa came up with Parallel Lines.

Two trains of thought brought them to this. First, we're all ridiculously in sync with each other - two families following the same paths in life with the same philosophy - and that they love helping us to achieve our goal and destination with the brewery.

Added to that, when they're not helping us out, Dave and Lisa love nothing more than a ride on our local heritage railway - the Severn Valley. You can see the steam and diesel trains passing over the viaduct in the shadow of the brewery, and Dave's dad was one of the original members of the railway back in the 1960s.

However they thought about it, there are tracks leading back to the home of Copper Beech. We’re all working toward the same destination using parallel lines.

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