Our Story

You know how sometimes a seemingly insignificant moment in life can suddenly change everything?

In January 2019 Dan, his wife Sam, and his in-law’s John and Trish sat in a local micro-pub and fell into a conversation about the brewing process of real ale. In need of a hobby, it was off the back of this conversation that Dan decided to give home brewing a try. Dan never expected to find on that first day in his kitchen, with a flimsy kit bought online, that brewing would not only become his passion but would give him a much-needed release from the struggles of anxiety.  
Within 12 months he had started building a small brewery at the bottom of his garden at home, under the hanging branches of an ancient Copper Beech tree.
In our affectionately named ‘brew shed’ Dan produced quality artisan ales with a huge focus on supporting other local businesses, as well as the local community. In April 2022 we moved from the shed into our very own Unit on local business hub Unity Park.
Everything from our hops to our graphic design is sourced as close to our home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire as possible. We also promise to help our local community wherever we can, beginning with our Delivery with a Difference.
We want to give our customers the experience of drinking great beer, produced with the utmost care and attention. Most importantly, launching in 2021 where life looked very different to what we were used to, we want our beers to be a symbol of a time when people began to see the importance in looking after each other - and taste damn good doing it.