An Independent Nano Brewery

Artisan craft beer brewed with locally sourced ingredients.

Our web shop will open once a month for 7 days with local delivery commencing the day after the shop closes.

Future Release Dates

Made in Worcestershire

We are a Nano Brewery with a half beer barrel brewing kit serving up small batch beer. Our beers will be available to purchase once a month through our web shop for home delivery. We hope to have staple favourites as well as exciting new beers available with each release.

We pride ourselves on producing great tasting beers with an emphasis on staying true to the beer style. As part of our core values, we aim to source locally grown and produced ingredients to brew with. We don’t compromise on quality and we understand the value of our local community. We will strive to give back where we can. See our 'Delivery with a Difference’ page to find out more.

The beers you will drink are inspired by our personal experiences, past and present, with a touch of nostalgia in every can. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Our Story
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Traditional techniques, modern processes.

Our premium quality beer is made using traditional techniques, with modern processes. Designed for everyone, every Copper Beech beer is brewed with an emphasis on quality and flavour. We are proud to fit where we fit - the only thing we label is our beer.