What's in a name?

Naming our beers was one of the trickier tasks we came up against when designing our branding. There are so many craft beer legends out there with super creative, clever and witty names. After thinking long and hard and after lots of puns and plays on words (mostly from co-founder John) we realised that we may have been trying to be something we’re not.
Now that’s not to say we aren’t creative, clever or witty…we just forgot that starting the Copper Beech Brewing company was a very personal journey. Each beer has been brewed from the heart with a memory attached and we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves so we thought what better way to share them with you? Read on to find out how your beer got its name.

Missing Something

If you're familiar with our brand you know we love a bit of honesty...

Missing something is our second beer which didn't quite end up being as it was intended, but before we tell you why that is we'll tell you a little story.

Brewer's wife Sam is a fantastic cook - although that wasn't always the case. In the early days of their relationship she tried to impress Dan by cooking an aray of dishes, most of which never turned out quite how they were supposed to. If you ever meet her just ask about her famous 'eggssaka' or the time she tried her hand at beef strognaoff.

As the years went by, not one to be peturbed by failure, Sam's cooking skills inevitbley improved but there was a phase where every meal she served to Dan he would take a few bites and say 'Yeah, it's ok...I just feel like its missing something.' which would infuriate Sam no end.

Coming back to present day, Dan returned from the brewery one evening disheartened as he had brewed One Night in Laguna but for reasons out of his control it had fallen well below its final gravity, and although it tasted fantastic, it could not be packaged as One Night in Laguna.

Ever sympathetic, Sam retorted 'That's Karma for all those times you told me my cooking was missing something..'

This ultimately made us laugh and we thought why waste a perfectly good Pale ale?? So we present toy you a beer which is Missing Something - in this case a whole 1.4% ABV 😆

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