What's in a name?

Naming our beers was one of the trickier tasks we came up against when designing our branding. There are so many craft beer legends out there with super creative, clever and witty names. After thinking long and hard and after lots of puns and plays on words (mostly from co-founder John) we realised that we may have been trying to be something we’re not.
Now that’s not to say we aren’t creative, clever or witty…we just forgot that starting the Copper Beech Brewing company was a very personal journey. Each beer has been brewed from the heart with a memory attached and we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves so we thought what better way to share them with you? Read on to find out how your beer got its name.


We do hope the name isn't too off-putting...

You may already know that we recently scaled up our brewing equipment, part of which came from cracking Worcester beer venue The Oil Basin who inherited some kit from the previous owners. The fermenting vessels had remained in the store room for over 2 years before brewer Dan acquired it from new owners Sam and Patch.

On a cold Monday morning in December 2022 Dan and Dave (of craft beer podcast Daftaboutcraft) went to meet
the guys to retrieve the FV's - no small feat given their size and the measurements of the storeroom doorway, which had to be removed to facilitate the task.

The first two vessels were removed with relative ease however, on closer inspection of the third Dan realised that it was pressurised.

'What does that mean?' asked Patch

'It means there's beer inside' came Dan's reply.

Now I'm sure the name is becoming much more understandable as the story goes on...

The next hour was spent using buckets to slowly drain the tank of roughly 80 litres of the thick, gelatinous substance which smelled like a wild fermentation beer gone very very wrong.

Not that anyone sampled it, but we sincerely hope this pale tastes (and smells) immeasurably better than the previous contents of the tank which, once the first tub was filled, was described by the four as a 'giant bucket of

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