What's in a name?

Naming our beers was one of the trickier tasks we came up against when designing our branding. There are so many craft beer legends out there with super creative, clever and witty names. After thinking long and hard and after lots of puns and plays on words (mostly from co-founder John) we realised that we may have been trying to be something we’re not.
Now that’s not to say we aren’t creative, clever or witty…we just forgot that starting the Copper Beech Brewing company was a very personal journey. Each beer has been brewed from the heart with a memory attached and we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves so we thought what better way to share them with you? Read on to find out how your beer got its name.

Free Ride

We actually wanted to call this beer ‘No such thing as a free ride’ but our designer told us there was no way to fit it on the can 😆

This beer takes us way back to 2010 and our first holiday together in Side, Turkey.

One day we booked a boat excursion in the harbour and paid a 50% deposit of 50 lira (£25), with the remaining balance payable on the boat. The next day we set sail on the Turkish sea and had a great holiday day out. It wasn’t until we had disembarked that Dan realised we had never been asked for the remaining 50 lira. ‘Amazing!’ we thought…quids in to enjoy the evening ahead.

We returned to the hotel to find that a ‘Turkish Night’ was in full swing, complete with Turkish belly dancers and camels. Sam is an animal lover so she insisted on giving the camel a stroke & having her picture taken. The man in charge of the camels encouraged Dan into the picture, offering to take the photo for them. Before we knew it, he had ushered us onto the camel and was walking us up and down the path snapping away on the camera.

After 5 minutes of fun we climbed off and were promptly asked to cough up 60 lira for the return of our camera! Dan calmly offered the 50 lira note we had left from the boat ride, requesting the discount on account of there being no cost mentioned up front. Luckily this was accepted and we learned the valuable life lesson - There’s no such thing as a Free Ride.

Fun Fact: Free Ride is a Summer Ale brewed with lemon flavours because Dan will only drink Lemon Fanta (and alcohol, of course) when he leaves England.

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