What's in a name?

Naming our beers was one of the trickier tasks we came up against when designing our branding. There are so many craft beer legends out there with super creative, clever and witty names. After thinking long and hard and after lots of puns and plays on words (mostly from co-founder John) we realised that we may have been trying to be something we’re not.
Now that’s not to say we aren’t creative, clever or witty…we just forgot that starting the Copper Beech Brewing company was a very personal journey. Each beer has been brewed from the heart with a memory attached and we didn’t want to keep it all to ourselves so we thought what better way to share them with you? Read on to find out how your beer got its name.

Common Ground

This one takes us right the way back to the very early days of our relationship!

Let us set the scene. It's 2009, Facebook is a relatively new concept and definitely more of a popularity contest than a 'lets maybe be a bit more selective with who we share the ins and outs of our lives with' sort of situation. A time where you sent a friend request to your friends neighbour's dog if they had Facebook and you'd met for more than 30 seconds in person.

We actually went to school together (Dan was the year above Sam) and although there had never been an exchange of words in person, we had some mutual contacts and so that definitely qualified us enough to be Facebook friends.

It all started very innocently with a 'Hi, how are you?' message from Dan and then we blinked and its 14 years later, we're married with a child and run a business together. Mark Zuckerberg has an awful lot to answer for.

Anyway - as part of the initial messaging we went through all the usual 'what's your favourite...?' questions and probably one of the first things we bonded over was our mutual love of the film Transformers (Don't judge, the original was awesome).

When Dan said he was brewing a new beer with the hop Nectaron I said it sounded like the name of a transformer. This made us laugh as we reminisced about the very first time we found some Common Ground.

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